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Emerging Community Engagement Scholars

Facilitators: Drew Pearl (CCBP) and Daniela Susnara (CCBP)

The Emerging Community Engagement Scholars program is an intensive professional development opportunity for advanced graduate students, postdocs, or early- to mid-career faculty or staff members. In this program, participants will work throughout the academic year to develop a proposal related to a community-engaged scholarship project in which they are currently engaged, or are interested in implementing. The proposal format is not strictly defined, and will vary based on the needs of each participant. All projects will be grounded in four concepts that best summarize how we use our resources and people to address issues and solve problems of critical importance in our state and in the larger society. We refer to those concepts as “The 4 Rs” — Relevance, Reciprocity, Research, and Resilience.

  • Dominic Combs, Faculty, Educational Studies in Psychology, Research Methodology, and Counseling
  • Tiffany Marcantonio, Faculty, Health Science
  • Jessica Wallace, Faculty, Health Science/Athletic Training
  • Kristina L. McDonald, Faculty, Psychology
  • Leigh Ann Bray Dayton, Faculty, Capstone College of Nursing
  • Ozioma Omahm, Graduate Student, Communication Studies
  • Jennifer Baggett, Graduate Student, Aerospace Engineering
  • Ashley Heinrich, Graduate Student, Human Nutrition, Nutrition & Hospitality Management
  • Venus Watson, Graduate Student, Educational Studies in Psychology, Research Methodology, and Counseling/ Educational Research
  • Austin Lee, Graduate Student, Anthropology, Medical Anthropology
  • Anna Thrash, Graduate Student, Health Science
  • Trevor Bopp, Faculty, Human Nutrition and Hospitality Management
  • Nahide Gungordu, Doctoral Student, Educational Psychology
  • Courtney Helfrecht, Faculty, Anthropology
  • Abhay Lidbe, Staff, Alabama Transportation Institute
  • Jake Peterson, Doctoral Student and Staff, Center for Community-Based Partnerships
  • Claudia Won, Doctoral Student, School of Social Work
  • Elisabetta Zengaro, Staff, Center for Community-Based Partnerships
  • Olga Bredikhina, Staff, Alabama Transportation Institute
  • Amanda Guitar, Doctoral Student, Dept of Anthropology
  • Holly Horan, Faculty, Department of Anthropology
  • Emily Locke, Masters Student, Department of Anthropology
  • Elizabeth Jernigan, Faculty, Culverhouse College of Business
  • Owen Neace, Masters Student, Creative Writing
  • Jackson Harris, Staff, Crossroads Civic Engagement Center
  • Tracey Hodges, Faculty, College of Education
  • Jillian Maxcy-Brown, Doctoral Student, College of Engineering
  • Ruchie Pathak, Masters Student, Geography
  • Kerri Barron, Faculty, Capstone College of Nursing
  • Sara Kaylor, Faculty, Capstone College of Nursing
  • Teairra Evans, Doctoral Student, Department of Psychology
  • Brittany Burch, Masters Student, School of Social Work
  • Zainab Suntai, Doctoral Student, School of Social Work
Learning Fellows

Facilitators: Drew Pearl (CCBP) and Megan Bailey (Honors College)

The goal of the Community-Engaged Learning (CEL) Fellows program is to provide participants with a deeper understanding of the theoretical foundations and existing literature related to community-engaged learning, practical recommendations and resources for building partnerships and implementing community-engaged learning in their courses, and suggestions for centering community engagement in their professional work. The CEL Fellows program will emphasize four pillars of community-engaged learning: Authentic Community Engagement, High-Impact Teaching and Learning, Critical Reflection, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The CEL Fellows program is available to any UA faculty or staff member with teaching or advising responsibilities, or advanced graduate students.

  • Serena Blount, Faculty, English
  • Alessandro Martina, Faculty, Modern Languages and Classics
  • Andrea L. Dobynes, Graduate Student, Communication & Info Sciences, PhD Student, Social Justice & Inclusion Advocacy
  • Edwin Lee, Graduate Student, Communication & Information Sciences
  • Diana Quito, Graduate Student, Educational Studies in Psychology, Research Methodology, and Counseling
  • James Renshaw, Staff, Center for Community-Based Partnerships
  • David Bolus, Staff, Honors College
  • Abby Horton, Faculty, Nursing
  • Emily Locke, Doctoral Student, Anthropology
  • Shayla Smith, Staff, Social Work
  • Cokie Thompson, Staff, Blackburn Institute
  • Richard Fording, Faculty, Political Science
  • Andrea Wilson, Staff, Clothing, Textiles and Interior Design
  • Brian Taylor, Faculty, Clothing, Textiles, & Interior Design
  • Courtney Helfrecht, Faculty, Anthropology
  • Christy Albea, Faculty, Communicative Disorders
  • Leslie Dixon, Faculty, Computer Science
  • Megan Bailey, Faculty, Honors College
  • Sarah Burcher, Faculty, Environmental Sciences
  • Holly Horan, Faculty, Anthropology
  • Chapman Greer, Faculty, Management
  • Tracey Hodges, Faculty, Elementary Education
  • Michael Callihan, Faculty, Nursing
  • Cynthia Peacock, Faculty, Communication Studies
Public Engagement
Learning Community

Facilitators: Chris Lynn (Anthropology), Tierney Jenkins (Graduate School), and Drew Pearl (CCBP)

The Public Engagement Learning Community is an opportunity for graduate students and mid-career faculty and staff members to learn about the many ways the activities and benefits of higher education and research can be shared with the public in a two-way process of interaction and listening. In this program, participants will learn to develop public engagement strategies, use technology effectively, reach beyond self-selected publics, communicate research successes, have difficult conversations, and elevate public engagement to scholarship.

  • Courtney Helfrecht, Faculty, Anthropology
  • Jiaqi Gong, Faculty, Computer Science
  • Christina J Ezemenaka, Faculty, Capstone College of Nursing
  • Jeremiah Carter, Graduate Student, English Department / PhD
  • Arianna Injeian, Graduate Student, Dual Degree Anthropology PhD/MPH
  • Felicia Smith, Graduate Student, Curriculum and Instruction-Secondary Math Education
  • Chalandra Gooden, Graduate Student, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Ruchie Pathak, Graduate Student, Geography
  • Kevin Shaw, Graduate Student, Biological Sciences
  • Cho Rong Won, Graduate Student, School of Social Work
  • Mairin Odle, Faculty, American Studies
  • Aidan Nettles, Faculty, Department of Theatre and Dance
  • Mallory Harrison, Graduate Student, Music – DMA Flute Performance
  • Reba Williams, Postdoc, CIS Communication  Information & Science
  • Raghu Ganugula, Faculty, CCHS