Community Affairs Board of Advisors

Alumni Leaders Striving to Build a Better Alabama

Coming Back, Giving Back

These outstanding leaders share a common desire to serve, and clearly understand the importance of giving back.

Meet University of Alabama alumni who, as student servant leaders were actively involved in efforts to connect their academics to initiatives that made a difference in the lives of their fellow students, as well as in the lives of those in surrounding communities.

Board Initiatives & Committees

We are committed to supporting campus-wide initiatives that seek to help recruit students and increase student success, engage students in entrepreneurship and innovation, address issues related to public health, provide opportunities for global and community leadership development, and support our veterans and their families.

Friends of the Board of Advisors

Established in 2017, the Community of Advisors Board of Advisors is comprised of a group of distinguished graduates of The University of Alabama that are committed to Coming Back and Giving Back to the students, the campus, the community, and the State of Alabama and beyond.

Through the endowment of student scholarships, the provision of study-away and study abroad internships, support of entrepreneurial activities, mentoring of future and current students,  as well as supporting efforts that are intended to support veterans and public health initiatives, the Board of Advisors are truly making an impact on the lives of others.

Friends of the Board of Advisors include previous Board Members as those who have demonstrated an interest in supporting the efforts of the Board through financial and in-kind contributions to the Board as well as the volunteering of their time to assist with Board efforts. 

Friends of the Board of Advisors are recognized on the Board’s website and printed materials, are invited as Special Guests of the Board to events and activities, receive newsletters, correspondence, and information about the work of the Board.