Study Away Scholarship

Global and Community Leadership Development Committee

Community Affairs Board of Advisors

Interested in studying away?

We want to help you get there.

The Global and Community Leadership Development Committee supports efforts to develop leadership skills in cultural competence to enable students to communicate, compete and succeed globally in a culturally diverse society. The committee seeks applications for UA students interested in study away opportunities.

We have two scholarship opportunities available!

Domestic and international scholarships offered.

scholarship for International study

Administered by Capstone International

scholarship for domestic/local pursuits

The application deadline has passed. Winners will be notified by March 30, 2018.

Requirements for selection:

 No GPA requirement
 1 professor recommendation (separate form below)
• 500 word statement of purpose – where and why?

Requirements upon selection:

• Document experience
• Advocate for the scholarship
• Provide a summary of experience to committee
• Present at Board of Advisors meeting following your return