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  • June 8th, 2012
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The Division of Community Affairs student page is designed to serve as a resource for undergraduate and graduate students interested in developing as scholars in community engaged scholarship. DCA recognizes that in order for students to develop as scholars, they need access to financial resources to support their intellectual and scholarly development and a place to submit their research.  This page maintains information useful to student development of engagement scholarship and future opportunities.

Zach Dodson wins student employee award.

Zach Dodson wins Student Employee of the Year Award

(Editor’s Note: The campus community was shocked and saddened by the sudden death of CCBP’s award-winning, magna cum laude student, Zachary David Dodson, age 21, on May 5, the day he was scheduled to graduate from the university he loved so much.)

Click here for more about our great loss.  Read more about Zachary Dodson’s  life here.

For 20 hours each week, Zach Dodson helps the community by completing tasks in the Center for Community-Based Projects. Yun Fu, CCBP’s program assistant and Zach’s supervisor, said he “has an ‘I’ll do it attitude,’” adding, “He brings a unique set of skills and personal traits to CCBP that all the employees admire.”

Zach, who completed his bachelor’s degree in economics this semester, is from Jacksonville, Fla. He recently learned of his acceptance into the graduate program in management and marketing here at the University.

The University of Alabama honored over 4,000 student employees during National Student Employment Week, April 9-13, for their contributions to the University   To recognize the essential role student employees play in the daily workings of all university departments, supervisors from throughout the campus nominated outstanding student employees for the University’s Student Employee of the Year Award.

On recommendations from Fu and the CCBP directors, Zach was selected as the Work-Study Student Employee of the Year and was one of four finalists for the overall Student Employee of the Year Award.