Marvin Sapp Brings Songs of Inspiration to 30th Realizing the Dream Concert

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By Sophia Xiong
CCBP Volunteer

Pastor Marvin Sapp, award-winning gospel singer and songwriter, brought his inspiring performance to the 2019 Realizing the Dream Concert January 20 in the Moody Music Concert Hall. This was the 30th annual concert as a part of the series to honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Student representatives J. Price McGiffert Jr., University of Alabama Student Government Association (SGA) president; Brittney Butler, Shelton State Community College ambassador; and Rose Bryant, Stillman College SGA president, acknowledged Friday night’s Legacy Award winners and introduced Sunday night’s performer.

“Sapp’s lyrics describe a close and personal relationship with God. He puts his conversations with God into prayers and pours out into songs,” said Kelly in his introduction.

With strong drumbeats and fast rhythm, Sapp started the concert by singing his famous “I Came,” which brought rapturous applause from the audience. The audience especially seemed to respond to the lyrics,

“I don’t know what you came here for

(I don’t know what you came here for)

But I came (I came) to praise (to praise)

So help me praise Him!”

Throughout the concert, Sapp shared some of his life’s story with the audience. About coming to The University of Alabama, he said “I’ve been excited for two reasons. First, this is the first time I’ve ever come to The University of Alabama. The other reason is that I’m sort of a resident of Alabama. I own a home outside Huntsville, and I have two daughters who go to Alabama A&M.”

Among the other well-known songs from his repertoire performed by Sapp were “My Testimony,” “The Best in Me,” and “Yes You Can.”

His song, “Never Would Have Made It,” brought the concert to its climax. Having experienced ups and downs in his life, Sapp said he relied on his faith to persevere as he continued to share his peace through his music.

As he sang, “I made it, through my storm and my test, because you were there, to carry me through my mess,” many in the audience were visibly and audibly moved by his lyrics and joined with him in song.

At the end of the concert, in what has become a tradition at the Realizing the Dream concert, members of the audience stood, joined hands and joined Sapp in singing “We Shall Overcome.”