Community Affairs Thanks Inaugural Board of Advisors, Welcomes New Board Members

By Diane Kennedy-Jackson
Publications Coordinator

Since its inception in 2016, the Division of Community Affairs Board of Advisors has positively affected numerous students and future students of The University of Alabama with its substantial reach and influence. Whether raising funds to provide study abroad scholarships and support for business startups, mentoring current and future students, or committing to fund an endowed scholarship — as one member has done — this group of young alumni has continued the legacy of excellence that personified its members when they were students at the Capstone.

“I have been amazed by the accomplishments of this group,” said Dr. Samory Pruitt, vice president for Community Affairs. “We anticipated that the members would do great things — that was their collective track record when they were students at The University of Alabama — but never imagined how much they would achieve in such a short time.

“The inaugural group set the bar high for those who will follow them. The University, the Division and countless students are fortunate to have had the benefit of their leadership, commitment and energy, and as we begin the next chapter of this group, we want to recognize our inaugural members, some of whom are continuing with the board and some who will be rolling off, as well as announce our new members,” said Pruitt.

Inaugural board members continuing to serve include David Bailey (chair, Student Entrepreneurship and Innovative Initiatives Committee), Nicholas Beadle (co-chair, Student Entrepreneurship and Innovative Initiatives Committee), Katie Boyd Britt (president), Porcia Bradford Love, Casey Brunson, Joseph Bryant (vice president), Kyle Buchanan, Mary Margaret Carroll, Prince Cleveland, Luke P. Connell, Rebecca Cornwell, Sarah T. Dunlap, Tyrell Jordan, Kendra Key, Elliot A. Knight (co-chair, Academic Success and Student Retention Committee, Colby Leopard, Holly Luther (co-chair, Academic Success and Student Retention Committee), Andrea Mabry, Karla S. Martin, Coyn Mateer, Stephen McNair (co-chair, Global and Community Leadership Committee), Reginald Miller (co-chair, Student Entrepreneurship and Innovative Initiatives Committee), Manda Mountain, Divya Patel (treasurer), Robin Preussel Phillips, Elizabeth W. Riddle, Zac Z. Riddle, Anna Catherine Roberson, Chris Sanders, Rashmee Sharif (chair, Global and Community Leadership Committee), Cliff Sims, Justice D. Smyth, Sevanne Steiner, William D. Suclupe, Sarah Kate Sullivan, Justin Zimmerman and Andrew Zow.

Inaugural members rolling off their time of service with the board are Ryan Brown, Kathryn Crenshaw, Emma Fick, David Germany, Calvin Harkness, Calvin Han (secretary), Victoria Javine (chair, Academic Success and Student Retention Committee), Victor Luckerson, Cassandra Mickens, Randall Minor, Melissa Pouncey, Ann Taylor Shaw, Jessica Averitt Taylor, Emily Vaughn, Aimee Vinson and Kate Werner.

New members joining the board include Jonathan Adams, Adedeji Akindele-Alo, Hamilton Bloom, Amber Bradford Buchanan, Will Clayton, Ryan J. Davis, Allie Esslinger, Kevin Garrison, Brandon Green, Martha Griffith, Kristy Kirkland, Aneesa McMillan, Will Nevin, Susan Page, Norma Powell, Paul Rand, Hailah Said, Susan Speaker, Gabriel Warren and Stephen Williams.

The University of Alabama established the Division of Community Affairs Board of Advisors in 2016. The board, consisting of former students who provided exemplary leadership and service to the University during a period of accelerated growth and changes in the student body from 2003–2013, developed its mission to support campus-wide initiatives that will increase student success and retention, facilitate student involvement in entrepreneurship and innovation, and develop thoughtful global and community leaders.