Community of Resources for Student Success

A Community of Resources for those involved with the child welfare system and foster care by connecting them to resources that provide encouragement and support so that they may enjoy a fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Student Resources

Alabama REACH Program

Alabama REACH assists students in becoming successful college graduates by providing academic, financial, emotional, and social support in an inclusive and supportive community.

Embrace Alabama Kids’ College Homes

The goal of our College Homes is to cultivate growth in individuals with a focus on academic, spiritual, and social development. It provide students with a stable, loving environment where they can receive the resources and assistance they need to grow into successful young adults.

IL Connect

IL Connect is a platform for increasing and improving the communication among IL youth across the state, IL county workers, providers and foster parents. IL youth have a place to share resources and ideas with each other throughout the state and be informed of what is available to them.

Alabama Education and Training Voucher Program

The Alabama Education and Training Voucher Program is a federally-funded, state-administered program designed to help youth who were in U.S. foster care. Students may receive up to $5,000 a year for qualified school related expenses.

National Social Work Enrichment Program

The purpose of the National Social Work Enrichment Program is to encourage foster youth to complete high school and their post-secondary education, assist foster youth in the development of life, employment, and leadership skills, and offer foster youth opportunities to learn about the field of social work as a career choice.

Youth Towers

Youth Towers assists young people 19-26 with basic living skills training, public bus passes, utility assistance, food, interview, clothing, hygiene, mentors, emergency hotel stay, Chief in Training Project, and many other basic living resources.


FosterClub creates and connects young people from foster care with unique tools and programs, and engages young people to transform life for themselves, their peers, and to ultimately improve the child welfare system.

Community Resources

Heart Gallery Alabama

Heart Gallery Alabama is a nonprofit organization that connects youth in foster care with caring adults who provide the stability and guidance they need to thrive.


With a strong network of foster parents and partnership with the Alabama Department of Human Resources, Gateway is completely focused on ensuring every child in Alabama becomes connected to a family and has a chance to thrive.

The Tuscaloosa Angels

The Tuscaloosa Angels mission is to walk alongside children, youth, and families in the foster care community by offering consistent support through intentional giving, relationship building, and mentorship.

Children's Aid Society's Real Life Initiative

The Children's Aid Society's Real Life Initiative helps prepare youth in foster care to live on their own. In partnership with the State of Alabama, it offers Independent Living Camps and Conferences, where youth in foster care learn about furthering education, personal finances, and job readiness and strengthen their support systems.

Alabama Department of Human Resources

Department of Human Resources is Alabama’s primary social service agency and touches one out of every four people in Alabama. While protecting children and vulnerable adults from abuse, neglect or exploitation is a critical function of DHR, it also provides a variety of services to the citizens of Alabama.

Lifeline Children's Services

Harbor Families, Foster Care, Families Count™, and Heritage Builders are all Lifeline ministries that equip families and the local churches to provide support and education to families who have experienced foster care or are at risk of separation.

Big Oak Ranch

Big Oak Ranch exists to meet the needs of abused, neglected and abandoned children by giving them a solid, Christian home and a chance to realize and fulfill God’s plan for their lives.

Children’s Trust Fund of Alabama

The Alabama Department of Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention, The Children's Trust Fund, secures resources to fund evidence-based community programs committed to the prevention of child maltreatment.