Community Affairs Staff


Dr. Samory T. Pruitt

Vice President

Dr. Pruitt holds the B.A. (1984) in mathematics, the M.S. (1998) in public administration, and the Ph.D. (2003) in higher education administration, all from The University of Alabama. He has led the Division of Community Affairs since it was created in 2004. Dr. Pruitt began working at the University in 1986 and since that time has held positions of increasing responsibility in management and administration in the divisions of Financial Affairs and University Advancement before becoming the first vice president of the Division of Community Affairs. He has also taught mathematics as a member of the adjunct faculty at Shelton State Community College.

Dr. Pruitt is president of the board of directors of the prestigious Engagement Scholarship Consortium, of which UA was the first non-land-grant member. The University was host of the conference in Tuscaloosa in 2012, the best attended conference in the organization’s history.

Three distinct organizations within Community Affairs report to Dr. Pruitt: the Center for Community-Based Partnerships, Crossroads Community Center, and the Realizing the Dream events that celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Elizabeth Hartley

Administrative Assistant

Elizabeth Hartley, a native of Tuscaloosa, received a bachelor’s degree from the University in Advertising in 2006. She began working at the University in 2010, at the College of Community Health Sciences (CCHS), transferring to Community Affairs in 2012, where she serves as Dr. Pruitt’s Administrative Assistant. She is a member of the Rotary Club, the Junior League and volunteers with several animal rescue organizations in West Alabama.

She may be reached by phone at (205) 348-8376
or via e-mail at


Karyn Bowen

Marketing Manager

Karyn Bowen provides leadership in branding the work of the Division of Community Affairs locally and nationally. She maintains the Community Affairs websites and assists with aligning the photography, video and social media efforts with our overall marketing and communications strategies. Mrs. Bowen earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in graphic design from Jacksonville State University in 2012.

She may be reached by phone at (205) 348-9859
or via email at


Dee Cook

Fiscal Affairs Coordinator

Dee Cook assists with managing all aspects of the Community Affairs budget including payroll, personnel, scholarships, external funding, and fiscal affairs related to the CCBP Council. She earned her Bachelor of Science in General Management in 1983 and her Bachelor of Science in Accounting in 2000 from The University of Alabama. 

She may be reached by phone at (205) 348-9857
or via email at


Carol Agomo

Director of Community and Administrative Affairs

Carol Agomo leads the strategic planning efforts for the Division of Community Affairs. In this role, she is responsible for implementing a framework for program evaluation, assessment, and analysis. She is also responsible for administrative functions of the Division, including financial affairs and human resources.

Carol oversees the Division’s community collaboration initiatives; including Realizing the Dream, the annual UA United Way campaign, and the Community Affairs Board of Advisors. She serves as liaison to the Council on Community-Based Partnerships and supports the administration of Council initiatives, including Seed Funds, Travel Funds, GA Fellowships, and the annual Awards.

Carol is a Chicago native. She received a bachelor of arts in economics from the University of Illinois at Chicago and also holds two master’s degrees in public health and business administration from Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois.

She may be reached by phone at (205) 348-7405
or via email at


Diane Kennedy-Jackson

Publications Coordinator

Diane Kennedy-Jackson is responsible for producing communication plans and activities that support the goals of the Division of Community Affairs.

Diane holds a bachelor degree in journalism from Ball State University. Before working with the Division, Diane served as an editor and a media relations and communications manager. Diane brings a wide range of skills that include outstanding writing and editing abilities, extensive publications planning and production experience, and a wealth of public relations and marketing knowledge.

She may be reached by phone at (205) 348-4480 or via email at


Whitney Sewell

Program Manager

Whitney Sewell provides leadership for the existing and emerging number of conferences, events, programs, and workshops that are essential to fulfilling the mission of the Division of Community Affairs. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from The University of Alabama.

She may be reached by phone at (205) 348-5743  or via email at