The Division of Community Affairs Office of Resource Development and Partnerships is actively developing relationships with federal, state and local funding agencies to secure funding to offset educational and health disparities for marginalized communities in the American rural south.

The Division of Community Affairs will be submitting proposals to the following National Science Foundation programs.  If you would like to join with us as partners in the development of proposals that will include community engaged scholarship and in the process to deepen partnerships with communities contact us.

Math Science Partnership-Targeted Partnerships –  Proposal due date: December 2012

MSP Targeted Partnerships study and solve issues of importance to STEM education related to teaching and learning within mathematics, computer science, engineering or the natural sciences. Community Enterprise for STEM Learning — The focus is to expand the composition of partnerships beyond school districts and higher education. This involves attentiveness to aspects of students’ lives that reach beyond the school setting. These projects involve K-12 school districts and institutions of higher education with other partners to provide multifaceted resources that broaden teaching and learning by incorporating additional STEM assets of the following: the community, business & industry, or national or state funded engineering and science laboratories, and centers for civic engagement.

Documenting learning across formal and informal educational settings is encouraged. (NRC, 2005, 2007, 2009; PCAST, 2010)

Funding opportunities involving collaboration across the engineering and education directorates at NSF include:

Research in Engineering Education — Due dates August and September 2012

NSF Science, Engineering and Education for Sustainability Fellows — Due dates December 3, 2012

Cyberlearning: Transforming Education

LOI: May 2012

Full Proposal for Capacity Building: October 2012