A good college education today is a combination of subject-matter knowledge and mastery of technology. Whether you are an undergraduate student in the humanities or a graduate student in engineering, get a head start on your fellow students by serving as an intern in one or more of the more of the following areas at the Center for Community-Based Partnerships:

Mentoring Opportunities

The Division of Community Affairs is creating a community based youth development initiative STEM Entrepreneurship Academy.  Student volunteers are needed to serve as mentors for these youth.  Contact us if you are interested in serving as a mentor.

The Center for Community Based Partnerships Office of Community Education  is seeking graduate and undergraduate students to serve as mentors for the HEROS tutorial program More information…

Additional resources at UA:

Volunteer Opportunities

The Community Service Center located in the Ferguson Center offers a wide array of student volunteer opportunities.  Get involved today!


National Outreach Scholarship Conference – Students should submit proposals to NOSC 2012 by April 30, 2012.  Proposals are easy to write and do not take very long.  Projects do not have to be completed at the time of proposal submission.  A few paragraphs about the project is all that is needed.   The registration fee for ALL student presenters will be paid for by the UA Graduate School.

IMPACT National Conference – The IMPACT Conference is focused on the civic engagement of college students in community service, service-learning, community-based research, advocacy and other forms of social action.

Imagining America Conference – IA conferences attract college presidents, administrators, professors, students, and community stakeholders. Topics are discussed at various levels of scale ranging from the course to campus-wide initiatives and beyond, and from local organizing to national policy and international exchange. Interactive session formats take place on-campus and at metropolitan and rural off-campus sites of campus-community collaborations.

Institute on College Student Values – The 2013 Dalton Institute concurrent session presenters will include leading scholars and practitioners who have studied college student character development. This annual event allows some of the most respected scholars in the field of student affairs and higher education to share their thoughts on the methods which colleges and universities can use to actively encourage moral and civic commitment, ethical behavior, and the process of character development.